Demo Day

SEED SPOT Demo Day is an entirely online event open to anyone who has participated in a SEED SPOT program. Cast your vote for a SEED SPOT Alumni Venture and choose who wins up to $15,000 in prizes.

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Meet the 2022 Winners!

Most Promising Social Innovation Prize

Amazi Foods

#GrowTheGood Prize Winner


Audience Choice Prize Winner

Meet The Finalists


Whipik is a creative storytelling app where writers, visual artists, and audio artists, come together to tell immersive cultural stories, showcase their talent to a global audience, and monetize their creative output.


Social Currant

Social Currant matches brands with influencers on TikTok to reach audiences effectively, drive sales, revenue and awareness.



STIIX provides hands-on STEM curriculum and programs to our school district and organizational partners. Our unscripted "Project-Based Learning" (PBL) activities introduce grades 2-8 students to some of the hottest STEM topics and career fields in a truly unique way.


Easy Clean Water

We help remote communities to have safe water access by providing a self-sustainable water purification system. We focus on using commercially valuable distilled water as a resource for local entrepreneurs and a freemium model that gives free drinkable water to the vulnerable.



Amazi is on a mission to help you Snack on Purpose with our 100% Made in Uganda tropical fruit snacks! Bold flavors, bold mission - our snacks not only support a healthy busy lifestyle, they also build sustainable supply chains with every bite you take.



Eco-Stylist is your guide to ethically and sustainably made clothing. Featuring a brand directory of 80+ certified brands, a marketplace of 800+ items, and a blog with shopping guides and educational resources.


AsisVisa Immigration

We help latino immigrants get lawful immigration status in the United States. We have created the TurboTax for immigration purposes.


Global online tech school for upskilling any child.


Dolphin University Swim School

Dolphin University is a learn-to-swim brand emphasizing water safety and social development. We are committed to delivering Indoor Year Round Swim Lessons.



KnoNap empowers, educates, and advocates against drink spiking. Through Knope, a discreet, portable, gender-inclusive empowerment tool disguised as a stick of gum, we inclusively combat drug facilitated sexual assault and crime one tool at a time. Say Knope to drink spiking.


Elder Nourish

Since 2018 Elder Nourish has provided premium quality meals for older adults which are tailored to their specific medical needs and food preferences with concierge delivery service provided to Washington, Maryland and Northern Virginia.


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